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Makkah and its surrounding areas are called Haram. Haram has different boundaries. These boundaries extend to three miles on one side, seven on the other and nine miles towards Jeddah. Within these boundaries of Haram it is forbidden to hunt, bother any animal, or to cut grass or trees. One is permitted to kill dangerous animals like snakes, scorpions, rats or animals with rabies (dogs, etc.)

The Ihram:
Ihram means putting on an unsown two-piece garment consisting of an Izar and a Rida and the pilgrim should wear no other clothes. Izar is worn on the lower part of the body and Rida on the upper part this applies to men only. Women may wear any clothes provided they are decent and in conformity with Sharia; rules. (Of the principal requirements of the pilgrimage is what is called Ihram. )

The uniform reflects the simplicity of Hajj the sublimity and endeavour of the pilgrim and the universal Islamic equality.


(Allahumma labiak, labaik la shareeka lka labaik in al hamda wannamta Laka walmulk la sharika lak).  Here I am at your service, O Lord; here I am no partner do you have. Here I am truly, the praise and the favor is yours, and the dominion no partner do you have.

Al Idhtebaa
Means placing the middle of one's Rida' under his right arm and the ends of it over his left shoulder, from the beginning of Tawaf until the end
Tawaf circumambulation of the Ka'bah in the beginning.

Tawaf Al-lfadha: 
Called Tawaf Al-Ziarah and Tawaf for Hajj. It is (Faraz) compulsory for every Hajj.

Tawaf Al-Wadaa: farewell Tawaf
During the first three circuits. Al-Raml means speeding up one's pace with small steps. A pilgrim should walk at a normal pace during his last four circuits
He approaches the Black Stone, touches it with his right hand and kisses it. If this isn't possible, he should face the Black Stone and point to it
Sa'yi: The walk made between As-Safaa and Al-Marwah.

Ar-Ramy: The Stoning to Jamarats.

Al- Hadai: Sacrificing the animal















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