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The Poems and Stories

Am I the only one that questions?

Am I the only one that questions?
Questions the goings on,
How sinful people of the world are,
How they do not shield the Earth,
Shield the Earth,
From impairment, from suffering,
Am I the only one that questions?

When will the interrogation stop?
Why does she not stop?

Am I the only one that questions?
The events which are happening,
The events which bring about agony,
The agony which causes our very dear lives to change,
Your very dear life to change,
Causing the heart to smash to smithereens,
Am I the only one that questions?

When will the interrogation stop?
Why does she not stop?
Day by day,

Years go by,
Still, we the humans do not learn the fact
The fact the people we love are dying,
Dying for their rights,
Dying for their views,
Rights that each and every human is entitled to,
The rights which makes a human humane,
Am I the only one that questions?

What on Earth is happening?
When will people start listening?
When will people start responding?
When will we all start caring?
Caring for the poor, caring for the unfortunate,
Caring for the World in which we live in.

Am I the only one that questions?
When will the interrogation stop?
Why does she not stop?
Am I the only one looking....?
Looking at the goings on in the world,
Questioning the events,
Am I the only one that questions?

END.......e-mail by : Ahmeda Ali

The Call To Beauty

It was a hot summer’s afternoon. Abdul playing football. Abdul was 19 years old. He had short black hair, brown eyes. Abdul was studying for a computer degree. He wanted to be a computer programmer “GOAL!!!” just when Abdul was celebrating; suddenly a tall boy was swiftly coming around the corner.

The boy’s name was John. John was in Abdul’s class. Abdul didn’t like John. “Oi. Blacki let me play.” John said abusing Abdul. Abdul picked up the ball and walked away. The very next day Abdul walked into class. The teacher was not there yet. “Hey, Muslim freak, move out of my way.” There was quite whispers. Abdul continued to ignore John. The teacher still did not arrive. So they had a free lesson. Abdul went back to his bedroom.

At 8’oclock Abdul left his room. He could smell an atrocious pong. It was the smell of beer. Abdul pinched his nose.  He couldn’t bear the smell of beer. Suddenly from somewhere John tripped Abdul up and poured beer all over Abdul. Eventually the beer ran out. Abdul got up without saying a word and walked back in to his room and he had a shower. He changed his clothes and went to Chicken Cottage. The next day was a Friday.

So Abdul woke up ha a shower put on his best clothes and left to go to the mosque. John was waiting outside and whispered to his friends “let’s follow him!” “No I got to finish my project.” said Dave. “Fine, I’ll follow him on my own” replied John. Abdul kept on walking. The Adhan began. John listened. “Abdul, what is that.” “That is the Adhan. It is the message for the people to come to the prayers.” replied Abdul. “It’s beautiful!” said John. “I’ll explain the details later. I am running late.” said Abdul.

He entered the mosque, and began his payers. After he finished his prayers, Abdul went back to his room and got changed into his clothes. There was a knock on his mahogany door. It was John “Hi Abdul, I’m here to say sorry about the racist comments and will you forgive me.” “Yes, John I will forgive you. There is an event on Sunday and Saturday for the Muslim Ummah. Would you like to join us? It is at Excel and it is called the GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY.” said Abdul. “Yeah sure I will.” replied John.

“I want to accept the religion of Islam.” asked John. “That’s great! Allahamdulilah! Go to the event and accept as a Muslim. By the way instead of saying hi to Muslim greet other Muslim by saying Assalamu Alaikum. “Ok.” replied John.

The weekends came up quickly. “Let’s go. They arrived at the event at 10:00am. There was Nasheeds and speakers. John’s listened to the Nasheeds he thought they were way better than 50 Cent. He liked Zain Bhika, Rashid Bhika and Dawud Wharnsby Ali. Two weeks later he became know Yusuf Ali.

END.......e-mail by : Ishfaque Ali













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