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Places to Visit in Makkah


There is an open ground three miles to the east of Makkah called Mina. There are three Jamarats  in this ground, representing Satan. These called Jumrah-tul-Sugrah, Jumrah-tul-Wusta, and Jumrah-tul-Aqbah. Hajis stay there for three nights.

This ground is located roughly 5 miles from Arafat towards Mina. Muzdalifa also called Mash’ar-al-Haraam.


When you leave   Arafat remembers Allah (by glorifying his praise), Pilgrims spend the night of 9th Dul Hajj in this field on their way back from Arafat. They offer Maghrib and Isha prayers combined and then Fajr prayer on the morning of the 10th day of Dhul Hajj at this place.

The most important stop during Hajj. On the 9th day of Dul Hajj pilgrims gather in a great ground that is located about 9 miles to the southeast Makkah. This ground is called Arafat. Pilgrims stay at this place from the time of Duhr prayer until Maghrib. Jabalu-Rahmat is a small hill that also stands on this ground.

Masjid Al-Khiaf:
According to Hadith of Ibne Abbas  seventy Prophets prayed in this Masjid .

Masjid Mashe'eril Haram:
A beautiful Mosque in Muzdlifah it called Al- Mash'ar Al Haram which Allah mentioned in holy book, when he said:


When you leave   Arafat remembers Allah (by glorifying his praise),

Masjid Al-Nimrah:
A beautiful Mosque in Arafat.

Masjid Tan'im(A'aeshah:)
Mosque It is the place where A'aeshah (Mother of the believers) went to enter Ihram for Umrah, now it is a Very big and new beautiful.

Masjid Al Jinn:
This mosque was built on the place where prophet peace be upon him drew a line for Abdullah bin Mas'ud and recite the Qur'an to the Jinn,

The Mount of Thawor:(GareThawor)
This is the please where Allah's Messenger and Abubaker  al-Siddiq hid when they migrated to Madinah Allah mentioned it in Qura'an:


The second of the two when they were in the cave.

The Mount of Hira (Gare Hira)
The Mount of Hirah has many blessings our prophet used to go there to warship (before Al- Nabuat) The first revolution came to Mohammed (peace be upon him) while he was at this mount. On the top of this mount there is a small cave.

Graveyard (Jannatul Mu'la.)
The most famous graveyard of Makkah, many of the companions, big scholars and many righteous people were buried in this graveyard.

House (Moulid Al-Rasul PBH)
It's located in the north of Masjid-el-Haram, now it is a library.

Makkah University:
A big University in Makkah there is a large campus and number of colleges and an institute for Arabic language.

Muslim world league:
It was founded in 1962 in Makkah following the first Islamic conference. its aims spreading Islamic teachings and Arabic language, unity among the Muslims   throughout the world.









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