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Names of Places

Holy Ka’ba: The House of Allah in the Holy Mosque in Makkah,
The Ka`bah is the first and the most ancient house of worship ever built for all of humankind and dedicated to the worship of one God. So by facing toward the Ka`bah in our prayers, we are stressing the unity of humankind under the Lordship of the One and only God.

Qibla: the direction Muslims face to pray.

Rukun-e-Yemeni: The north-western corner of the Ka’ba faces towards Yemen and this is why it is called Rukun-e-Yemeni (Yemen’s Pillar). It is not appropriate to kiss this part during making a circuit of the Holy Ka'ba.

Hajr-e-Aswad (The Black Stone) Abne Abbas narrated that Allah's messenger ( peace be upon him said: the black stone came down from paradise and was whiter then milk but the sin of the sons of Adam turned it black, Hajis should kiss it if they get chance.  

Multazam: The southern part of the wall between the door of the Ka’ba and the black stone is called Multazam.  Pilgrims embrace this part of the wall.
In a Hadith whoever calls Allah upon Al- Multazim Allah will answer his prayer.

Hateem: A short distance away from Ka’ba towards North there is an open space.The place has small walls around it but there is no ceiling. There is a tradition of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) that suggests that this place was left without a roof because not enough wood was available to cover the entire building. A pilgrim should keep this place inside the Tawaaf but it is not right to face towards this place when offering prayers.

Muqam-e-Ibrahim: (Place of Ibrahim) 
There is a small round-shaped building in front of the door of the Ka’ba and the Multazam. This building has a stone that was used by Hadrat Ibrahim to stand on to complete the walls of the Ka’ba.on the Stone there are Ibrahim's foot prints, This is called Muqam-Ibrahim (Place of Ibrahim). After completing the seventh circuit during the pilgrimage, two Raka’t of prayer are offered, near the Muqame Ibrahim. Allah almighty said:

And you people keep the maqam (place) of Ibrahim as a please of prayer. (Al Baqarah 125)

Mutaaf: There is a circle of white stone around the Ka’ba. This is the place where the circuit of the Holy Ka’ba is performed during the pilgrimage. The circuit of the Holy Ka’ba is an integral part of the worship offered seven times during Hajj.

Zam Zam: Zamzam is the name of the famous well in al-Masjid al-Haram , it is situated at a distance of thirty cubits away from Al-kaa'aba this well sprung up when Ismiee'l ( alaihi as salaam)as an infant struck the Earth with his heels in thirst, his mother looked for water, but could not find any ,,she climbed to the top of Mount Safa and prayed to Allah (SWT) for help, and then she climbed Mount Marawa and did the same. Allah (swt) responded to her supplication and sent jibreel to dig out the well of Zamzam , it is from the virtues of the Zamzam that it is situated in Makkah.
According to the hadith:The water of Zamam is for the purpose forwhich it is drunk.

Masjid-el-Haram: Around the Ka’ba is a mosque that has a rectangular shape with rounded corners. Pilgrims offer prayers in this mosque by making circular rows and face towards the Ka’ba. 

Al-Safa and Al-Marwa: Two small hills in Mecca were located in the north of Masjid-el-Haram. Now these hills have been flattened. Hadrat Hajirah ran seven times between these two hills in search of food and water. Pilgrims are ordained to follow her footsteps and go to these hills seven times.

Masha'ir: ceremonial shrines.

Mina: There is an open ground three miles to the east of Makkah called Mina. There are three walls in this ground that are called Jumrat representing Satan. These walls are called Jumrah-tul-Sugrah, Jumrah-tul-Wusta, and Jumrah-tul-Aqbah.Hajis sty there for three nights.

Jamrah Al Aqabah: (kubrah) Monument in Mina,closest to Makkah.

Jamrah (Al-Wstah): the Meddill monument.

Jamrah (Al-Sugarah): the Small monument,

Wadie Al-Muhassir: A valley between Minah and

Muzdalfah: Hajjis sould pass this valley.

Arafat: The most important stop during Hajj
On the 9th day of Dhul Hajj pilgrims gather in a great ground that is located about 9 miles to the southeast Makkah. This ground is called Arafat. Pilgrims stay at this place from the time of Duhr prayer until Maghrib. Jabalu-Rahmat is a small hill that also stands on this ground. A pilgrim is required to stay at this ground for his/her pilgrimage to be acceptable. 

Muzdalifah: This ground is located roughly 5 miles from Arafat towards Mina. Muzdalifa also called Mash’ar-al-Haraam.

When you leave Arafat remember Allah ( by glorifying his praise,
Pilgrims spend the night of 9ht Dul Hajj in this field on their way back from Arafat. They offer Maghrib and Isha prayers combined and then Fajr prayer on the morning of the 10th day of Dul Hajj at this place.

Masjid Al-Khaef: A big, beautiful Mosque in Minah.

Masjide Al Masharil Haram: A big, beautiful Mosque in Muzdalfah.

Masjid Al Nimrah: A big, beautiful Mosque in Arafht.

Masjide Aisha: Taneem A big and beautiful Mosque in Makkah at Madinah Road, This place acts as Miquat for people living in Makkah. If someone is living in Makkah and wants to perform Umrah then he can go to this place.















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