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Miquats are places marked out on the different sides of the city of Makkah on reaching which the pilgrim coming for the Hajj or Umrah from a place lying beyond them is required to put the Ihram. Some special places have been marked as miquats on all sides of makkah by the Holy Prophet which are as follows. Miqat (Ihram stations) Miqat or a prescribed station as set for Muslims by Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him)

1. The station for pilgrims or Mutamir from Egypt. Syria and Arab Maghreb states is "Al- Juhfah" known today as "Rabegh" located in the northwestern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

 2. The station for pilgrims or Mutamir from Madinah Al-Munawarah is "Dhul- hulaifah" Known nowadays as Abyar Ali.

3. The station for pilgrims or Mutamir from Iraqi is "Dhatu-irq" located northeast of Makkah Al-Mukarraaamah.

4. The station for pilgrims or Mutamir from Kuwait and the eastern and central provices of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is "Qarn-Al- Manazel",close to the place now known as "Al-Sail"

5. The station for pilgrims or Mutamir from Yemen,and neighbouring regions is "Yalumlum" a mountain south of the above mentions applies to other polgrims coming from the same direction .

Note: It is not permissible for Pilgrims or Mutamir to pass through these prescribed stations without entering into Ihram, whether they arrive by road, air or sea.

By Air Pilgrims: 
Pilgrims traveling by aero planes should take bath and should wear Ihram on reaching the Miquat. it does not matter if the pilgrim puts on the Ihram before reaching the Miquat, but he should make the Intention(Niyyat) and call out "Labbayka" only on reaching the Miquat following the anouncemant.

If Pilgrims or Mutamir going to visiting Al-Madinah Al- Munawarah and the Mosque of the Prophet (before Makkah, he is not required to enter into Ihram.  Ihram station of Al-Madinah pilgrims is "Abyar Ali".
















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