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How to Perform Hajj


 First Day

8th  Dhul Hijjah (Yaum Tarwiyah).
If you are performing Hajj al-tamatt'u (or Hajj Ifrad), you enter into ihram for Hajj from your residence in Makkah on the 8th of Dhul-hijjah. Perform ghusal (shower or washing of the entire body), perfume yourself if possible, and put on the two garments of ihram. This applies to men. Women perform ghusal, and wear any suitable clothes they have as long as they do not show their adornments and cover every part of their bodies excepting the hands and face. After putting on ihram make your niyyah(intension)by Saying: Labbayka Hajjan, then recite talbiyyah:

 O Lord, here I am no partner do you have. Here I am truly, the praise and the favor is yours, and the dominion no partner do you have.

You then go to Mina, where you pray the Dhuhr, Asar, Maghrib, Isha and fajr prayeres, shortening prayers of four rak's to tow Rak’as. Do not combine these prayers.

Second Day

9th  Dhul Hijjah (Yume Arafat)
When the sun has risen on the 9th of Dhul-Hijjah, proceed toward Arafat in a dignified manner and without harming your fellow pilgrims. At arafat, pray the Dhuhr and Asar prayers, shortened and combined during the time of Dhuhr with one adhan and two iqamahs.
Stay within the boundaries of Arafat,
Standing at Arafat is one of the greatest worship. The Prophet peace be upon him said: Pilgrimage is Arafa, On that day the Islamic religion was completed with the descent of Quranic verse:


(Today I have completed your religion for you, and completed my favor upon you, and accepted Islam as a religion for you).
Arafat day is the day of forgiveness of sins release from hell.  Hajjis shouldn’t fast in Arafat.
Remain at Arafat until after sunset, when the sun has set, proceed toward Muzdalifa in a peaceful and dignified manner, reciting talbiyyah do not harm or cause any discomfort to your fellow Muslims. When you arrive at Muzdalifah, pray the Maghrib and Isha prayers combined, shortening Isha to tow rak'ats and stay at Muzdalifa. For women or weak individuals, it is permissible to proceed to Mina at any time after midnight.
Muzdalifa also called Mash’ar-al-Haraam.

Almighty Allah said:

When you leave   Arafat remember Allah (by glorifying his praises).

Third Day

10th  Dhul Hijjah (Yaum  e  Nahar)
You have prayed the fajr prayer. Then wait until brightness of the morning is wide spread, supplicate facing qiblah with upraised hands, following the practice of the Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him). In Muzdalifa, pick up only 49 pebbles to throw them at the three Jamarat. While passing through Muhssir Valley, hasten if possible. Upon arriving at the Mina, throw seven pebbles at Jamarahal-Aqabah by calling Allah-u-Akbar every time you throw a pebble. As soon as you complete the throwing, discontinue the Talbbiyah.


Here I am at your service, O Lord; here I am no partner do you have. Here I am truly, the praise and the favor is yours, and the dominion no partner do you have.
Slaughter a sacrificial animal, eat from it if possible and feed its meat to the needy and the poor. Slaughtering is obligatory on Qarin and Mutamatt,
Shave or shorter your head hair. Shaving is better .As for women; she may shorten her hair equal to a finger tip length.

At this stage you are allowed to put on normal clothes and use perfume and scent. except of sexual intercourse, this is called Tahallul al awwal.
After throwing the pebbles you can go to Makkah to offer tawaf al-Ifadhah, after Tawaf, perform sa'i and by completion of sa'i you will return to normal life, and this called Tahallul Thani. Drink from Zam Zam water and pray Zuhr in Makkah if passible. Spend the remaining nights in Mina.

Fourth Day

11th Dhul Hijjah (Frist day of Ayyam-e-Tashreeq).
After the spending the night in Mina you are advised to pray the five daily prayers in congregation. And it sunnah to repeat the Takbeer after every Salah whether you are staying or travelling and you are in Mina or anywhere else. Throwing of stones at the three Jamarats after Zuhr is Suunna If possible. Start Rami at Jamarah Al- Sugrah, then middle and then at Jamarah Kubrah. The pebbles can be collected from any place in Mina.

 After completion of Rami at Jamarahs (Wusta & sughra) make Du'a a straight facing the Qibla, as the Messenger of Allah did:

Fifth Day

12th Dhul Hijjah (2th day of Ayyam-e-Tashreeq)
Spend your time in performing of good deeds and remembering Allah. After Zuhr, throw the pebbles at the three Jamarahs as you did on the 11th day of Dhul Hijjah starting with the Jamarahs al Sugarah. Make Dua'a after throwing the pebbles at the Sughra and then Wusta.

After stoning Jamarah al-Aqabah leave immediately without any Dua'a.
During Ayyam-e-Tashreeq it is recommended to pray at Al-Kaif  Mosque, If possible. It is permissible to leave Mina before sunset; After sunset he doesn't allowed to live Minah he should sty in Mina until next day and throw the pebbles on three Jamarahts. 

The Almighty Allah said:

And remember Allah during the Appointed days But  whosoever hastens to leave in two days, there is no sin on him and whosoever stays on there is no sin on him if his aim is to do good and obey Allah ( fear him).









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