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Health and Safety

Due to the importance of Hajj, health and wealth is an important condition for Hajj. For staying healthy we should follow most of the common health and safety rules in the modern world.

If we follow some safety ways by the grace of Allah we can keep our self Healthy especially during this important time when we are doing the most important Worship.

There are some sajaschans.

1.} Before we start our Journey we Should check what vaccinations we need with our GP at least six week before the travel.

2. }We should check if our medication is legal in the country we are visiting, and pack it in hand luggage.

3.} When we are abroad we should Carry only as much money as we need for the day, use a money belt or secure inside pocket. Leave the rest in a hotel safe.

4.}We should avoid from over crowded Places.

5.} We should try our best to eat and drink fresh food.

6.} We should keep our ID card, Mullim and hotels address and phone numbers with us all the time.

7.} Interior this great Journey After Worship we should get enough rest, so we can safe some energy for Hajj(during the Hajj).

8.} We should always keep cleaning, our prophet (PBU) said: cleanliness and purification are half of Iman.

9.} When we are in Holy city we Should give full respect for Baldul Amin.

10.} We should buy a travel Insurance.















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